Welcome to Whippet Wisdom.

My husband and I have adopted six cats and six dogs from animal shelters over the last 27 years, many of whom had their own way of communicating with us. We are both trained in Energy Medicine, Reiki and Animal Healing and communicating with animals is a natural development from practising these disciplines.

When connecting with rescue animals energetically we can gain a greater insight into previous experiences which have created certain associations in their lives. This can be very helpful in their rehabilitation and rehoming.

Rehoming a rescue dog is not just about a new life for the dog, it is a new life for their human companions and any other pack members already living in their home.

In the earlier posts on this blog we introduce our elderly rescue hounds Ruby and Seamus who welcome rescue whippet Eivor into our pack and play a big part in his rehabilitation. After Ruby’s passing we adopt rescue whippet Pearl and both Seamus and Eivor taker her under their wings.

When Seamus passes away Eivor becomes the new pack leader and we go and climb mountains together and spent more time in nature than we were able to do in the latter stages of Ruby’s and Seamus’ lives.

Through spending time together in nature we learn and appreciate its magic more than ever before. Here Eivor and Pearl connect with their own true nature and this in turn has become the inspiration for the posts and poems from early June onwards.

This blog is a creative journey through short stories, poetry and photographs about love, nature and new ways of growing and learning together.

The stories, poems and photographs are the original creative work of Xenia Tran.

We live in the Scottish Highlands and we walk in rhythm with the seasons.

Thank you for visiting our blog and we hope you enjoy the journey.

With love,

Eivor, Pearl and Xenia


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