About the Whippets

a smiling black whippet leaping across a small tidal pool

Eivor is a black and white whippet who was adopted by us at the age of three. He had previously lived with an elderly person who had never taken him out for a walk. Eivor’s world had been very small and it was a great pleasure to gradually introduce him to the wider world.

He loves his walks in the forest, full of interesting smells and sounds. He climbs the mountains and takes in the views, appreciating them in a similar way as we do. At first he was worried about the beach and rolling waves. After a few weeks he began to enjoy the open space, the sound of the gulls and the sea air. Eivor loves going there to leap across the tidal pools, just for fun, and to play and run with his best friend Pearl.

At home he’s often by my side, helping me with my writing.

a smiling blue and white whippet in a purple harness running on the beach

Pearl is a blue and white whippet who was adopted by us at the age of three. Approximately one year younger than Eivor, she has twice the energy that he has. A breezy and happy explorer of new sights, she previously lived with someone who could not give her the exercise she needed.

She loves running on the beach with her best friend Eivor and chasing balls, striding out in the shallows on the warmer days.

Just like Eivor, she loves exploring the sights and smells of the forests and mountains. They’ll often walk side by side, sniffing the same blade of grass when they pause.

With all the exercise and mental stimulation that comes with being out in nature, Pearl has developed her calmer side. She loves to come ‘birding’ with me and enjoys watching the oystercatchers, curlews, wigeon, mergansers, ducks and swans. Most of the bird images on our sister blog Tranature have been taken with Pearl by my side.