Weekly Photo Challenge: Structure

Cairngorms National Park



Blue whippet among stones and heather on mountain


Black whippet climbing down large boulders on mountain


View over Loch Morlich from Mount Cairngorm

With love from Eivor, Pearl and Xenia xxx


Photographs by Xenia Tran, edited in lr.

Camera: Panasonic Lumix FZ200, settings: iA, 1/200 s, Action, 1/800 s and Landscape, 1/160 s


Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Structure

Wordless Wednesday


Author: whippetwisdom

The stories, poems and photographs on this blog are the original creative work of Xenia Tran. Inspired by life in the Scottish Highlands and in awe of nature she gives voice to the wisdom of her adopted and fostered whippets.

42 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Structure”

  1. MaKinG SeNsE out of the
    World.. Dogs and otHeR
    Animals even potentiAlly
    We Human Animals uSing
    aLL OuR
    and seNsES
    so far out of
    the structure of
    human abstract concepts as
    photos do say so much more
    of all that is what MaGiC that
    first human created camera bRings
    to all the SiGNaTuReS we see iN
    the Now
    now that
    we color with
    the unique brush
    that is every multi-Verse eye of God..
    SMiLes Xenia.. once in a lifetime events
    iN a Blessing of August that travels through
    dArKeSt Solar Eclipses and Floods to altered
    Dooms Day Smells the end of an era of a Bowling
    Center Tradition Closing approaching a Century too..
    and to top it off a new Trane HVAC System for us now
    as the other one broke for 5 days in the middle of all of this..
    so in other words there’s still a storm warning out for a flood of photos on my Poem..
    hehe.. anyWay.. alWays a pleasure as for whatever art what you do heAr alWays fits in..
    Yes.. what stArted out as a trilogy of EVeRY PRoPHeCY TaLeS A THoUSAnD PiCtUrES
    now has a Fourth HErriCANe arm too as “End of Bowling Alley Days 2017”.. i was
    thinking about calling it “Doomsdays Smells” but Human Nature
    in search
    recovery ways
    changes the climate of that..
    as it’s true we do need to bRing
    back the warm and cozy places now
    STiLL that Bowling Alley Days DancESinG
    anyWay as far as i go that horrible smell and
    taste has left me that started on Solar Eclipse Day..
    i’ll take that as a positive Sign for Love my friEnd Xenia..
    as a SiGNaTuRE STiLL For a Prophecy yet to be fulfilled as LOVE..:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you my FRiEnD Fred and glad to hear that smell and taste from Solar Eclipse Day has left now for a positive Sign for Love. Thank you for the storm warning of photographs too – it would give too much glare from the big screen for too long and the blogspot version is not device responsive and chops two thirds of the photographs off when I try and read it on my phone. I will swing by again in a few weeks as my eyes need a little rest from screen time just now :o) xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. SMiLes my Friend
        Xenia now that Harvey’s
        Last arms of wind and rain
        have left us all that’s left
        is a prayer that
        will go
        out to sea
        and never
        be seen again..
        ’cause if she comes here
        i will definitely get a screen break too..
        with a not so hehe.. but hey.. at least the
        neighbors would get to know each other
        a little better as they are doing in Texas
        Speed there..
        hmm.. i see you
        have another poem
        off to say see ya later there..:)

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