Wordless Wednesday: In The Forest


blue whippet on a forest trail


blue whippet running on a forest trail


two whippets on a forest trail

With love from Eivor, Pearl and Xenia xxx


Photographs by Xenia Tran, edited in lr.

Camera: Panasonic Lumix FZ200, settings: Action, 1/600s, 1/800 s and 1/400 s.


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Author: whippetwisdom

The stories, poems and photographs on this blog are the original creative work of Xenia Tran. Inspired by life in the Scottish Highlands and in awe of nature she gives voice to the wisdom of her adopted and fostered whippets.

42 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: In The Forest”

  1. I especially appreciate the middle photo of Pearl racing down the path that winds under the gracefully arching tree branch. Wonderful action photo with superb composition.

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    1. Thank you Liesbet, it was lots of fun! They always check where we are and when they see something really exciting, they run all the way back to tap us with their noses and encourage us to follow them :o) xxx

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  2. It’s funny how wonderful it is to
    be a dog my friEnd for the only
    fears of dogs are alone
    and harm
    and being
    without something
    to eat and a drink
    of water with shelter
    from the Rains of Life..
    And we humans BRinG that
    all to them as Wonderful Masters
    of Love and only if and only if the
    in ways
    more than
    shelter and food
    Could we Dance
    And SinG that
    to them
    the fear in lone
    in never harm again..
    A howl at the moon for Love
    my FriEnd.. a Dog’s Prayer for Life..
    other than that off to the Dentist
    and be back for a second round
    of Love Later.. the thing about being human
    my friEnd.. Xenia.. is.. we do have the potential to Dance
    and Sing all the illusory fears away but we never have the true
    to live
    without holding
    another human
    or Cat’s
    hand in a world like
    this.. thank God for ‘pets’…
    better yet.. pets that are more human..
    Truly.. i am looking
    forward to going to
    the dentist if only
    for the potential
    to meet
    make a new friend..
    it used to terrify me.. now i laugh at illusory fears.. ALL OF THEM..
    WitH 100% Faith of Love that coMes from a liFe full as Dance and Song..

    Hands for
    Paws oF LoVe

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    1. Thank you my FRiEnD and your dentist will be so lucky and blessed to have you visit today with this beautiful intention of making new friends. Sending you sMiles across the Miles with much love for you, Katrina and Yellow Boy too :o) xxx

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      1. SMiLes.. Dentist too Busy
        For words.. Dental
        Seems like
        the latter
        More than the Former.. NoW
        Busy Busy Busy Be away from SMiLes..
        Happy SMiLes.. Xenia.. off to the Gym
        NoW For Fred Fu and Tonnage
        More of lifting PoeTry.. NoW
        oF WinGs
        Ah.. the Cognitive Dissonance
        i BrinG to Warriors mixing
        Ballet with Leg Pressing
        1020 Lbs 33 times..
        nothing to be
        afraid of
        be phobic
        about a man oF Grace iN ‘Kung Fu’ etc..
        Powered by Love more than fear and hate..
        they don’t let folks with Asperger’s in the Military
        over here in the US and the list of who cans is growing shorter..
        of Politics
        in selfish greed..
        AlternatELY SHoWinG
        Greater Ways oF LoVE LiGht..:)

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and yes, you did get their names right!πŸ˜‰ Eivor and Pearl have been the best of pals from the day they met (they came from different shelters) and it is lovely to see them so happy together β˜ΊπŸ’– xxx


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