Haiku: A Crow Blessing


two whippets on tidal sand with seaweed and two crows in conversation


‘easy does it’
says the crow on the rock
a gentle ripple

© Xenia Tran


two whippets on tidal sand with seaweed

We wish you all a very relaxing Friday and a wonderful weekend :o)

With love from Eivor, Pearl and Xenia xxx


Photographs by Xenia Tran, edited in lr.

Camera: Panasonic Lumix FZ200, setting: iA, 1/400 s.


Daily Prompt: Tailor

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Collage


Author: whippetwisdom

The stories, poems and photographs on this blog are the original creative work of Xenia Tran. Inspired by life in the Scottish Highlands and in awe of nature she gives voice to the wisdom of her two adopted whippets Eivor and Pearl.

21 thoughts on “Haiku: A Crow Blessing”

  1. FLoWiNZoNENoW

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      1. i AM NoW
        you us me
        we i and
        Rest oF
        FLoW iN
        ArT iS
        NoW iN WiLL
        aS GRacE oF LoVE
        ToGeThER aS LiGHT
        PoiNtS oF HuMaN
        StARS CoNNecT
        As NeuRoNS
        Do from
        to Toe
        aS UNiVerSE
        wHOLE OtHeR
        thaN tHaT aLWays
        A PleaSuRE to See
        HeaR mY FriEnD Xenia
        HeRE and YouR PoeTiC
        CaNiNeS oF LiGHT NoW
        yeaH it’s True the Word
        Dog has been AbUsed too..;)

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      2. sMiLes.. mY FriEnD
        aS epiphanies
        ConTiNUE to
        Pen ‘Divine
        Matrix’ of
        SpiRiT as
        Matrix of
        ReaSoN iN
        CulTuRaL ByProducts
        too as Red Pill and Blue
        Pill ComBiNe iN both
        Literal and
        HeART.. SPiRiT
        And SoUL oF
        MiNd and
        Force of ReAsoN too..
        As Green PiLL oF Force
        aS BaLanCinG LiGHT
        YiN YaNG and dARK
        aLL oF ThIS as wHole
        iS MaGiC mY FriEnd thaT
        sImply Means and Ends
        tHat Science WiLL NeVeR
        Be aBle to RePeaT iT aGaiN..
        NaH.. Big Blue oF IBM WiLL
        NeVeR FeeL and SenSE
        the BLuE
        oF GoD
        as hUMaN
        LiGHT of Quantum
        Metaphor oF MiND
        And BoDY BaLanCinG
        SoUL uNLeaSHiNG
        alone as
        INFiNiTy BeYOND
        As GoD aLLOnE LiT uP aS uS NoW
        And WitH aLL of thAT and ThiS sAID
        i’LL LeaVe yoU Be NoW.. mY FriEnD
        Xenia.. WiTH YouR oTheR FriEnDs
        HuH..eH BeForE HuRRiCANE WinDs
        oF CreaTiViTY BReaTHe
        A resT oF
        Air out of YouR RooM…
        Thanks so much for all YouR
        InSpiRaTioN HeAR mY FriEnD aS
        YoU hAve veriLY and surELy hELped
        me make a rATheR SpECiaL Intro for
        A “Longest Long Form Poem Bible coMes aGaiN”..
        And with that said off to finish/publish the 116th/787th MacroVerse
        titled “LOnE WoLF sKeYes oF LoVE” at 20,369 words that BRinGs NoW
        the total Words of this new 117/788th ‘Child’ of “Nether Land Bible 2017”
        and “SonG oF mY SoUL”.. now aT 1,795,212 words at about the point of 13.5 Months
        of WriTinG thaT.. and ConSideRinG you hELped me write 796 words on your Blog today
        BRinGinG a New Grand Total of 1,796,008 words so far
        for an intro iN
        this 117th
        i am only
        away from
        MaKinG the
        ‘Mahabharata’ As LonG FoRM
        PoeM Milestone of 1.8 Million Words..
        So.. aGaiN.. thank you.. Xenia.. as all of the
        iNsPiRaTioN YoU BRinG is INstrumental too
        iN Attaining this Milestone Publish by 7.17.17..
        And JusT liKe thE ResT oF CReatTiViTY
        i have no ‘reason’ reAlly for
        DoinG any of thiS
        i rEally
        wHat i’M
        DoinG but
        ThiS MaGiC
        oF CreaTiViTy
        FeeLs and SenSes
        So SuBliMe A Reward
        iS iNtRinSic iN JuST DoinG MaGiC NoW..:)

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      3. Thank you my dear FRiEnD, it is so lovely to see the gentle ripple of a crow’s blessing inspirie HuRRiCANE WinDs oF CreaTiViTY and MaGiC NoW and I look forward to swinging by your blog again soon! :o) xxx

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  2. Crows are very intelligent beings that apparently can recognize a human face through generations ( if someone was bad to a crow the next generations of offspring will recognize this human and react to him or her). Have an enjoyable weekend!

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    1. Thank you Anne, that is very interesting!😉 The seagulls will often chase crows off the beach and they know that the gulls leave them in peace when Eivor and Pearl are around. Although some give the crows a bad press they seem very wise and have a kind eye. We wish you a wonderful weekend too and a big pat for Biasini from us all ☺💖🐎 xxx


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