I will play this song from Dougie for you all and hope you will find your forever home.

P1040608 ww

The tide has taken most of the water out of the Kyle. Seagulls are sweeping overhead and the sun is warming our fur. A gentle breeze carries the smells of the sea and the sands.

I go and sniff the seaweed. It smells different from the seaweed further south.

P1040602 ww

An old man is bending down and twisting some of it from the shallows.

“What are you using that for?” asks our companion.

“I put it around my vegetable patch. It keeps the slugs away, see. They don’t like the smell of sea salt and sea weed. I take some of the older plants and leave the younger ones. As long as you’re not greedy, nature will replenish itself.”

His small bucket is two-thirds full. “Enjoy your day,” says the man and wanders off, whistling an old Highland tune.

“You too,” says our companion.

Seamus has gone to lie down.

P1040611 ww

Are you OK Seamie?

“I am fine, Pearl. It is the only way to get my legs under water with the tide so far out. It is very soothing. When you get to my age you will probably enjoy it too.”

You have been flicking your paws and wagging your tail a lot when you are asleep. What are you dreaming about?

“I dream about running like the wind, just like my younger days,” says Seamus. “I love watching you and Eivor run. It gives me the same pleasure as if I was running myself. In my dreams I run just like you. That is why I always wake up happy too.”

P1040604 ww

On the way home the warm voice of Dougie MacLean fills the car. My favourite song is called ‘Home’. I love going home after our outdoor adventures.

When I was in the shelter I was dreaming of living in a loving home with other dogs and caring humans. On the way to my forever home our companions played and sang that song in the car. I knew then that my dream was coming true.

“It was the same for me,” says Eivor.  I was terrified in the shelter. When our companions came to collect me they played the same song in the car. It will always be special to me.

P1040681 ww

I wish that all the dogs in the shelter will have their dreams come true.

I will play this song from Dougie for you all and hope you will find your forever home.

With love from Seamus, Eivor and Pearl


Daily Prompt: Dream








Author: whippetwisdom

The stories, poems and photographs on this blog are the original creative work of Xenia Tran. Inspired by life in the Scottish Highlands and in awe of nature she gives voice to the wisdom of her two adopted whippets Eivor and Pearl.

16 thoughts on “Dreams”

    1. Thank you Kathie. The last picture was taken when we were driving away and you can see Ben Hope and Ben Loyal in the background. This part of the Highlands felt very familiar to us as well the first time we came here. It is a very special place. Sending love and wags your way :o)


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