A Castle And A Vision

The natural beauty here is still how it was intended to be.

We have traveled a long way north to where the light is clearer. When our companion parks the car we see the ruin of a castle on top of a hill half-way across the Kyle.

P1040683 ww

The sea air is fresh and the pinks and blues from the sky are reflected in the water below. Seagulls are calling to each other that someone new has arrived.

We walk along a path beside a narrow stream and I stop for a drink. It tastes so pure that I drink some more.

P1040583 ww

A woman in a brown jacket and a yellow blouse comes walking towards us.

“Have you seen a wee doggie at all on your way down from the brae? A honey-coloured terrier called Morag?”

“No,” says our companion. “Would you like us to help you look for her?”

“Och no,” says the woman, “you carry on up to Varrich. I will keep looking for her here but if you see her just send her back this way.”

Seamus always knows when a conversation is not over and sits down for a rest.

P1040580 ww

“How long have you been looking for her?” asks our companion.

“It’s almost a daily thing now. See her owner, Graeme, is suffering from dementia. He takes Morag out and then forgets all about her. He only walks a short block and she knows he’s not paying attention and wants to stay out longer. When I see him come back on his own I go out and look for her. I am beginning to have visions of something happening to her.”

The woman’s lip is trembling and I touch her hand with my nose. She bends down to stroke me under my chin and I send lots of love from my heart to hers.

I look deep into her eyes. You are a kind woman and your visions are here to guide you into action. Always trust your instincts.

“I suppose I could ask Graeme if he would allow me to take care of Morag for him,” says the woman. He adores that dog and she can still spend some time with him each day. I’ll see what he says because it can’t go on like this.”

P1040598 ww.jpg

Pearl walks over to the woman and licks her face. Seamus touches her hand with his nose.

“I’ll best be off,” says the woman as she gets up. “Thank you all for your help and enjoy your walk up to Castle Varrich.”

When we follow the bend up the hill a small honey-coloured dog appears and sprints right past us to follow the woman back towards the village.

When we reach the castle ruin you can feel a very special atmosphere. Humans believe there was a Norse fort before the castle was built.

P1040562 ww

To me it feels very peaceful and nature is slowly reclaiming this part of the rock. When we walk back down the hill it feels as if we have always known this place.

P1040575 ww

The natural beauty here is still how it was intended to be. I love this place with all my heart and am so grateful we came here today.

I hope every shelter dog will one day be able to experience a happy forever home and plenty time of time out walking in nature.

P1040576 ww

I hope you enjoyed our journey and we send you so much love,

Seamus, Pearl and Eivor.

P1040561 ww

Daily Prompt: Vision

Author: whippetwisdom

The stories, poems and photographs on this blog are the original creative work of Xenia Tran. Inspired by life in the Scottish Highlands and in awe of nature she gives voice to the wisdom of her two adopted whippets Eivor and Pearl.

5 thoughts on “A Castle And A Vision”

    1. Thank you so much. We feel so grateful to be able to walk in these places and love to share it with others. It is very peaceful and quiet here and the communities are close knit, where everyone looks out for one and other.

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