About Jarlath

God is there in the happiest moments and in the saddest moments because God is always Love.

“Good morning you all,” says John as he meets us on the sands and reaches into his pocket. I look up at him and twitch my nose. “You are getting more confident now, aren’t you Eivor?” says John.

whippet, greyhounds and lurcher wearing coats on beach

We are munching John’s biscuits when he whispers to our companions “Have you heard what happened to Jarlath?”

I cannot understand the words he is saying, but John is making pictures of Jarlath, a brindle rescue greyhound with similar markings to Ruby. He is walking on the leash with his companion when he gets attacked by a pit bull, who is off the lead. John’s breathing is getting shallow as he is speaking and tears are welling up in his eyes.

Our companion looks  tearful too and whispers “Oh my God.”

I see a golden star rise above Jarlath and know he has left his body. It is sparkling very brightly in the blue sky.

John walks on alone, his pockets full of treats for every dog he meets.

When we return home there are tears rolling down our companion’s face. She gives us dental chews and puts our leashes away.

When I walk into the living room she lights a candle and sits quietly.

“Where is God in this?” she asks, still crying. I sit beside her and press her arm down with my paw.

I tell her

God is in the love pouring out to Jarlath’s spirit and in the love pouring out to his companion.

God is in all the thoughts and support from others in times of loss and grieving.

God is in all the memories Jarlath and his companion created together.

God is in every moment Jarlath made his companion laugh and in every moment he made her cry.

God is there in the happiest moments and in the saddest moments because God is always Love.

She smiles at me and sends love and light to Jarlath’s spirit and his human companion.

I curl up beside her and fall asleep.

tea light in metal holder on a tree branch

In loving memory of Jarlath (2010-2015)

Sending love to you all,



Author: whippetwisdom

The stories, poems and photographs on this blog are the original creative work of Xenia Tran. Inspired by life in the Scottish Highlands and in awe of nature she gives voice to the wisdom of her two adopted whippets Eivor and Pearl.

5 thoughts on “About Jarlath”

    1. The story about Jarlath is a very sad one and there is a yet untold story about John himself in here too. Thank you for reading and for sharing your feelings. I was crying myself when I was writing it. Love and blessings to you xxx

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