Rehoming Day

I sniffed the ground and approached them quietly, feeling more confident the closer I got to them.

Hello, I am a whippet called Eivor. I used to live with an elderly man who had bought me as a puppy. He never walked me and lost track of time. When he got the courage to see that he couldn’t look after me I was handed in at an animal rescue centre. By then I was three years old. 

I had never left the house before and was very scared at the kennels. I was often too scared to eat and lost a lot of weight. I was often too scared to sleep because of all the other dogs barking through the night. There were some people there who were kind but I was still shaking. They said they wanted to find a new home for me quickly because I wasn’t coping very well. 

One day, I heard a car arrive and a staff member put me on a lead in my kennel and walked me out to the forecourt. The chilly breeze made me shiver. There were two older, larger hounds with warm coats on. One dog was black and the other one was brindle in gold, white and black. The dogs had the kindest look in their eyes and a peaceful energy around them. Their human companions had the same energy around them and they looked like a very harmonious pack.  

I felt a little spark, a connection, and the two hounds approached me in a gentle curve, blinking and turning their heads away slightly to let me know they were no threat. I sniffed the ground and approached them quietly, feeling more confident the closer I got to them. Once our noses touched I knew we belonged together. 

I sniffed their human companions and looked up at them. They blinked at me and knelt down, gently stroking me under the chin. One of them put a warm coat over my back and fastened a strap under my tummy. The coat felt warm and cosy and I looked up at her and our noses touched. I walked around in it for a bit, I felt I was just like the other hounds now with their warm coats on, just a bit smaller. 

The two hounds jumped in the back of the car and I tried to lift myself into it with my front paws but wasn’t strong enough. My new companion lifted me up and now we were all in. The people at the shelter waved me goodbye and their faces looked happy. 

I saw fields, farmhouses and cottages flit by through the window and then we came to a road where all you could see to the left was water with little lights sparkling from the sunlight. The two hounds had fallen asleep. I snuggled up to them and the strong, relaxing energy of the sleeping dogs made me more and more relaxed and I fell asleep too. 

It was so nice to be able to sleep and feel safe. When the car stopped and the engine was switched off we all jumped out of the back and crossed the road to a small cottage. My companions opened the gate and I followed at the rear of the pack. There were large white birds flying overhead telling each other there was a new dog on the block.  

I followed everybody in through the front door, turned left into the living room, jumped on the sofa and carried on sleeping. I knew I was home.

Rehomed Post



Author: whippetwisdom

The stories, poems and photographs on this blog are the original creative work of Xenia Tran. Inspired by life in the Scottish Highlands and in awe of nature she gives voice to the wisdom of her two adopted whippets Eivor and Pearl.

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